Kitchen Solutions for Small Homes and Limited Floor Plans

carlsbad kitchen remodeling
If your kitchen is too small for your cooking habits, it’s time to get creative.
carlsbad kitchen remodeling

Small homes can be charming, but can also present challenges. This is especially true in the kitchen. If your kitchen is too small for your cooking habits, it’s time to get creative with your upcoming kitchen remodeling project. Here’s what you need to know about changing your small kitchen to meet your needs.

Use Smart Color Palettes

In darkness, small kitchens can start to feel claustrophobic. Small spaces need to be decorated in bright, light colors. Paint the cabinets white to push the walls back and make the space feel more open. Paint the walls of the kitchen in a light color that will contribute to the feeling of wide open airiness in the room. If your walls are protected by a backsplash, choose shiny tile that reflects light.

Get Creative with Flooring Solutions

Plank tiles (shaped like wooden boards) laid in a vertical position can help elongate spaces, making your small kitchen feel larger overall. Look for light colored tiles to keep your kitchen bright and cheerful. If installing wood floors, choose wood with a light stain.

Reflective tiles can be attractive, but slippery. Work with your contractor to ensure that the tiles you choose for your kitchen floor will be non-slip and safe, even if the floors become wet while you’re cooking.

Maximize Shelving Solutions

Clutter in the kitchen can also make the space feel small and cramped. Prevent this from happening by installing cabinets that run to the ceiling. This maximizes your storage space and gives you a place to hide kitchen items you don’t need to access every day.

Install toe-kick drawers to create a place to hide your cookie sheets, potholders, lids and other flat items. Toe-kick drawers make good use of the area under your cabinets, ensuring that no space is ever wasted.

Brighten the Space with Attractive Lighting Solutions

Small, dark spaces often seem claustrophobic. Brighten your kitchen with attractive, practical lighting solutions. Work with your contractor to install a variety of lighting types, including recessed or track lighting over the table and countertops, task lighting beneath overhead cabinets, and overhead lighting for general, everyday use. Pendant lighting makes seating areas more attractive and more comfortable.

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