The Best Home Addition Ideas and Considerations

The best home additions not only enhance your living space—but invigorate it.

The best home additions not only enhance your living space—but invigorate it. Whether you’re on the verge of a remodeling project or want to redefine your space, several ideas stick out above the rest.

Check out this year’s finest upgrade ideas to spark the imagination, plan your next remodeling project, and maximize interior appeal. Then call our home remodelers today!

A True Chef’s Kitchen

A big, open kitchen is perfect for multi-course meal prep, delectable dining crafts and more. Still, you don’t necessarily need a massive kitchen to get the most out of your meals. A simple kitchen extension can recreate your interior space to fit your modern needs.

Likewise, adding cabinets as part of your home additions can turn your kitchen into an eat-in destination your guests will surely love.

A Second Bathroom

If you’re living in an older home, a second bathroom can do wonders. A three-bedroom, one-bathroom home can easily become a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with little effort—increasing not only your household’s appeal, but it’s resale value as well.

A new bathroom fits well aside your master bedroom, transforming into an unforgettable suite. If you just want to extend your current bathroom, you can make it larger by extending the square footage before adding an extra sink and cabinets. Likewise, you can enhance your washroom experience by giving your shower added functionality by adding a tub during your next home remodeling project.

Hardscape Transitions

Hardscape is regularly utilized as an exterior yard enhancement, but this doesn’t mean it can’t accentuate your home’s indoor-to-outdoor areas. As the perfect addition to patio, deck and porch areas, hardscape pavers can lead the way into your yard, garden or pool area.

You have plenty of hardscape options to choose; from granite, marble and brickwork. Try adding a cabana to further enhance your home’s outdoor social area—and invite the neighbors over for cookouts, pool parties and some evening lounging.

Dining Room Additions

Your dining room is typically the centerfold of your home’s interior. If you’re passionate about entertaining, why not transform your dining area into something a little more luxurious? Try upgrading your dining nook to create a larger entertainment space. Or, mirror your unique tastes by enclosing your dining room to suggest a more suburban, open-plan eating area.

Selecting the Best Home Additions

No matter the occasion, your home’s dining area, kitchen, bathrooms and living room deserve some extra personality. There are dozens of spaces to redesign with a home remodeling project—and hundreds of customizable options just waiting to be implemented.

Contact us at TNT Design & Build for all of your remodeling needs, and take pride in redesigning your home’s most important areas in unforgettable ways.