How to Improve Your Kitchen Ergonomics

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If you spend a lot of time cooking or cleaning up after meals, then the kitchen ergonomics should be important to you.
house remodeling

If you spend a lot of time cooking or cleaning up after meals, then the kitchen ergonomics should be important to you. Unless your kitchen was previously designed by an expert, there may be many things that you can do to improve the ergonomics of your kitchen. By changing the layout, installing creative storage solutions, customizing counter heights and making other upgrades, you can make your kitchen a more comfortable and enjoyable place to spend time.

Install Kitchen Layout to Improve Comfort

You’ve probably heard of the “kitchen triangle,” which is an imaginary shape created by the layout of cooking, food prep and cleaning areas in the kitchen. Each zone is separated by a 3 to 9 foot countertop. If you were to add all the sides of the triangle together, it would create a distance no less than 13 feet and no longer than 26 feet.

In other words, the ideal kitchen prep space is neither too big nor too small. The workspace created by a proper triangle is large enough to make work possible and but small enough to make food preparation practical. The kitchen triangle is a well-known concept in kitchen design, but many kitchens do not have a triangle.

If your kitchen lacks a triangle, permanent fixtures like your refrigerator and stove may need to be moved. Your kitchen remodeling contractor can help you design a kitchen that meets these ergonomic standards.

Create Storage Solutions

Poor use of storage space can lead you to spend too much time reaching and straining to remove things from cabinets in inconvenient locations. This can lead to muscle injuries that could cause permanent damage over time. Work with your contractor to ensure your kitchen has plenty of cabinets and drawers in reachable locations so the most frequently used items can be placed in convenient storage areas.

Installation of a pantry or a larder may help. Your general contractor can help you design a pantry with custom cabinets, drawers and open shelves, all for your convenience.

Customize Counter Heights

Standard counters are built to be approximately 36-inches high. However, this is not inclusive since people are not the same height and people who are extra tall or extra short may need different counter measurements of different height in order to work comfortably. Varying the height of your counters will help ensure that everyone in your household will have a comfortable surface on which to work.

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Kitchen ergonomics play a big role in your ability to comfortably and efficiently make meals at home. Work with a reputable home remodeling contractor to ensure that your upcoming kitchen remodel will transform your kitchen into an effective workspace. Contact TNT Design & Build for information about kitchen remodeling Carlsbad and other remodeling services.