The Ultimate Home Renovation Checklist Every Homeowner Should Follow

oceanside kitchen remodeling
Home renovation is the best course of action to change the way your home looks and add more features to it.
oceanside kitchen remodeling

Home renovation is the best course of action to change the way your home looks and add more features to it. Considering the time and money that will be invested in your home remodeling project, it is crucial to get your planning right, while making sure that you don’t spend money on renovations that don’t help the value of your home.

For first time (and experienced) homeowners in San Diego looking into home remodeling, it is essential to plan all details of your home renovation project. Planning ahead can give you a generalized idea of what areas your money will be spent in, while staying in the know on the renovation.

Step 1: Plan Your Budget

The very first step is to allot a solid budget for your home renovation project. Divide your budget into two parts; the ideal budget within which you want to get the job done with, and some additional backup budget in case that unforeseen circumstances arise during the renovation process.

Step 2: Get A Professional Opinion

When looking into home remodeling in Encinitas, or any coastal city, ensure you’ve reached out to a professional who’s remodeled coastal properties. The ocean air and landscape can drastically affect the longevity of a home remodeling project. It is much different than inland areas and materials should be hand selected with this in mind. Ensure you’ve identified all areas of your home that need remodeling. If you’re unsure, call your local home remodeling contractor in Encinitas and show them your home in order to get a professional opinion on what you WANT to be renovated and what may NEED to be renovated as a result of your improvements.

Step 3: Chalk Up Relevant Contracts

It is not your job to make home remodeling contracts; that lies with the contractor you have hired to do the job. However, you should make sure that the contractor has appropriate permits for the renovation job, and that a signed contract has been applied before the job actually starts. Having a contract with clear expectations, timelines, budget, etc. is important, which is why we do not recommending skipping this step, and the contract may come handy in case of any unforeseen disagreements.

Step 4: Plan your Moving Out Options

If you’re contracting a major home remodeling project, you may find it hard to live there when the work is in progress. In such cases, moving out of your home temporarily, especially if the estimated completion of remodeling job is over a week, is an option and many do this. You can move in to a nearby hotel, or camp in your relatives’ house, depending on your options. For some home remodeling projects this won’t apply but be sure to consider the possibility of this.

Step 5: Check After Completion

After the remodeling work is done, check all the repairs and replacements done by the remodeling contractor in order to make sure everything is done as per your requirements and to your satisfaction. If you find things that raise questions, talk to the workers in order to sort those out.

Step 6: Leave an Appropriate Review

The final step is to leave an online review out of the comfort of your newly remodeled home. Most businesses have review options on their websites, Google Maps, so you can rate them appropriately while describing your experience with them. This greatly helps both the business and other potential clients who are looking for local remodeling contractors. Most homeowners look at online reviews before doing business with them, so a review will be of big help if you’ve had a positive experience (or not so positive).