Easy Steps to Build Your ADU

Designing a new Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) can be an exciting project that adds value to your property and provides additional living space for yourself, your family, or renters. Whether you plan to use your ADU as a rental property or a living space for a family member, there are a few key factors to consider when designing your new ADU, and the home remodelers here at TNT Design and Build is here to help!

Determine the purpose: The first step in designing a new ADU is to determine its intended use. Will it be used as a rental property or a space for extended family or guests? This will help you decide on the size and layout of the unit, as well as the amenities and finishes.

Understand your local building codes: Different cities and towns have different building codes and regulations for ADUs. Research your local codes and obtain the necessary permits before starting your project.

Decide on the size and layout: Depending on your property size and intended use, the size and design of your accessory dwelling unit will vary. Typically, ADUs range from 400 to 1,200 square feet. You’ll want to consider the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas you’ll need, as well as the placement of windows and doors to maximize natural light. Plan for plumbing and electrical: If you plan to have a kitchen or bathroom in your ADU, you’ll need to plan for plumbing and electrical. Make sure you hire licensed professionals to ensure that all work is done safely and to code.

Choose high-quality finishes: When designing your ADU, choose durable and visually appealing finishes. Consider durable flooring options, high-quality cabinets and countertops, and fixtures that are built to last.

Consider energy efficiency: Make sure your ADU is designed to be energy efficient. Choose energy-efficient appliances, lighting, and windows, and consider adding insulation to keep the unit comfortable year-round.

Plan for storage: Storage is always a concern in smaller spaces, so plan for adequate storage space in your ADU. Consider built-in cabinets and shelves, as well as creative storage solutions like under-bed storage or a fold-out table.

Designing a new ADU is an exciting project that can add value to your property and provide additional living space. By keeping these key factors in mind, you can create a beautiful and functional living space that meets your needs and enhances your property value. Ready to take the next step in building your ADU? Contact us at 1-800-959-6558!