Kitchen Remodeling Checklist: Planning, Budgeting and Hiring

kitchen remodeling checklist


Kitchen remodeling can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint, new cabinets, and new flooring. However, homeowners tend to opt for a complete kitchen transformation that includes a huge overhaul of the current layout and fixtures. The most exciting aspect of a unique kitchen remodeling is designing a living space that matches your personal style. No matter which route you choose for your kitchen remodeling, experts will help you plan and budget accordingly to avoid costly expenses down the road. When you work with TNT Design & Build , our kitchen remodeling experts are responsible for all aspects of your kitchen remodel from planning, designing and building, leaving homeowners ecstatic about their new innovative kitchen.

Any type of remodeling project requires prep work from the homeowner. Nowadays, it’s common to assume that DIY videos are the only resource you need. However, those type of videos always make it seem easier than it is. Before you start demolishing your walls, you should seriously consider seeking a professional’s advice. With their our eye, we’re able to critically evaluate your needs and options to plan for a trouble-free remodel.

Kitchen Remodeling Checklist

When you work with kitchen remodeling experts, we’ll incorporate designs and elements that showcase your personal style for important pieces like counter space, custom cabinets, new appliances, cooking area, and much more. We recommend working closely with our expert team of professionals to make a plan and a budget for your newly designed space. Here is a kitchen remodeling checklist that will provide you with a roadmap for your kitchen remodel. Using this checklist, you will definitely achieve the kitchen of your dreams on time and within budget!


Plan Your Project

Your project plan should include:

  1. Blueprint or sketch of the final layout – TNT Design & Build uses 3D sketches for a comprehensive outlook on the design.
  2. List of priorities and non-negotiables to build a concept around your important elements.
  3. Detailed phases and steps that clearly show how each outcome progresses to the final result.


Maher Kitchen Remodel by TNT Design & Build


Here are a few things to consider that can also affect the home’s value:

  1. How much are you willing to spend on the kitchen remodeling?
  2. Do you want an entire kitchen renovation or just a small upgrade?
  3. What upgrades will benefit the functionality of your kitchen?
  4. What upgrades will enhance the look to give a luxurious feeling?
  5. Will the remodeling updates benefit the home’s value or is the renovation to update your personal needs?


Evaluating your reasons to embark on the remodeling journey will help you stay on track instead of getting lost in the sea of opportunities. Typically, homeowners consider home remodeling for necessary repairs, improving accessibility and functionality, or to increase storage space. Your initial evaluation should address:


  • Where you need storage the most and for what items – pots, pans, utensils, dishes, or non-perishable food.
  • What areas accumulate clutter or if there are any traffic bottlenecks in the current layout.
  • The needs and cooking style of the people using the space, whether professional, casual, or occasional.
  • How people are currently utilizing seating space to consider if this is an aspect to build out.
  • Intended materials you would like for flooring, sinks, counter tops, cabinets, backsplash, and much more.
  • Most importantly, how these design upgrades will serve as long-term solutions for your growing family and list of needs for future use.


Another important thing to consider is to set a list of priorities and expectations with your kitchen remodeling contractor. This is an important discussion that ensures both parties agree on the project timeline and final outcome. Therefore, details that must be discussed are:


  • List of every upgrade you hope to achieve from this remodel.
  • Clearly address your likes, dislikes, lifestyle, and preferences to your project manager.
  • What items and materials are desired, but stay open-minded about alternatives.
  • Whether you want to upgrade appliances and surrounding space.
  • Design ideas from remodeling websites or magazines that you take inspiration from.
  • How the kitchen remodeling team of designers and builders will develop a new layout that match your requirements and vision.
  • Finally, settling with a layout that will ultimately fit your changing lifestyle and prove to be functional years down the line.


After these details are worked out, you’ll have a better understanding of your needs that will streamline the planning process with your contractor. From there, our team will meticulously manage the kitchen remodeling process from beginning to end.

Set a Project Budget


Imagine you’re doing a DIY project and demolished your kitchen walls, only to find out that your new layout is impossible with your current plumbing and gas line. On top of that, shortlisting a technician is not a viable option because you don’t have enough budget. Unexpected surprises like this are common when remodeling by yourself. This is why we encourage homeowners to seek professional kitchen remodeling services with experts who can anticipate such roadblocks and have a shortlist of technicians readily available. During the consultation, they will give an accurate ballpark that accounts for mishaps like this, so your budget remains consistent throughout the remodel.


how to calculate a budget for kitchen remodeling project


As you go about planning the new kitchen, it is crucial to be realistic about the material and labor cost. When you to build your budget:


  • Decide how much you are willing to spend. Be firm with hard costs like labor, but stay opened minded to material costs that can be altered if you find alternatives/lookalikes. It’s a good idea to aim for a conservative budget beneath your maximum budget.
  • This ensures that you have extra funds to account for unexpected costs. Set aside at least 10-20% of your budget for unplanned expenses.
  • Price out all the required materials because it’s important to know what you want to change and how much you can afford on top of the fixed-cost of fixtures and appliances.


Don’t let the scope of your remodeling project prevent you from achieving your dream kitchen. The more financial cushion you have in place, the less shocking it’ll be when you encounter a roadblock. Without a set budget, your remodeling will likely result in more expenses than you can comfortably afford. Assign percentages of the budget to your priority categories like 30% on the cabinet and storage, 25% on labor, 20% on appliances and fixtures, 10% on materials and fittings, and the remaining for unexpected occurences.

Hire the right kitchen remodeling company for you

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Finally, the last step in your kitchen remodeling checklist finding a team of experts that understand you. After completing the planning and budgeting stages on your own, TNT Design & Build carefully evaluates and develops the project scope and timeline. With over 20+ years of experience, entrust us to manage the project and keep everything on schedule to match your original expectations. The best part is gaining unlimited access to a team of designers, architects, and builders who utilize their experience to save you time and money with their valuable foresight.

Selecting a kitchen remodeling service early-on will provide clarity on the final design and in-between steps like maximizing storage, smart substitution for high-end materials, or obtaining building permits before construction. However, the main concern among homeowners is how they can evaluate if the contractor is the right fit for their project. Don’t choose your contractor based on cost estimates alone when you should also consider:


  • Their experience for the specific project type.
  • Make sure they have the required license and certifications specific to the line of work required.
  • They’re knowledgeable and timely with the necessary permits for the project’s success.
  • Remember to show them your plans so they have an idea of what you are looking for in a contractor.

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Additionally, when seeking kitchen remodeling experts, always go for a design-build company like TNT Design & Build that will eliminate the need to shortlist other technicians for demolition, floor, plumbing, and electricity as they are equipped with a resource pool of designers, craftsmen, and builders who will bring your ideas to life. Enjoy your newly renovated kitchen faster by planning ahead and teaming up with expert remodelers whose bottom line is customer satisfaction!

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