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Home Remodeling Poway, CA

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We all love the homes we build, not only because they are ours, but because we make them ours. We infuse spirit into them and they add smiles to our face. But we do tend to get bored of being in the same place day after day. Since change is the way of nature, we can’t do without it. When it comes to remodeling your home and making a few changes here and there, we can make your desires come true. We’ll make you fall in love with your home yet again, spewing life and spark back into the same old walls. Home Remodeling Poway


Home Remodeling in Poway, CA

Old is gold is not said for no reason. It only takes the right people to do the needful and bring out the best from the old things. Being in this business for a considerable amount of time, we at TNT Design and Build know how to give you what you want. It’s not only about converting the same old spaces into a new space entirely but also converting them in such a way that they don’t seem like old at all. The spaces shouldn’t seem disjointed from the rest of the living space, but should blend into it like it belongs there. Home Remodeling Poway

Poway Home Remodeling

With so many remodeling companies in the market, it can be a task for you to choose which one to go for. A company with a long-standing goodwill, trust, and value for money is what you should be looking for. TNT Design and Build in Poway, California provides you with all of that and more. We make sure we serve you the best possible things, at the least possible price and satisfy you to the best of our ability.

It can be a daunting task to do, since remodeling an area and bringing new life to it is not something everyone can do efficiently. At TNT Design and Build, however, our first priority is to ensure customer satisfaction. The customer is our kingpin, and we have our eyes set only at their happiness. This task is one that requires a lot of rigorous planning, knowledge of modern and contemporary designing and acumen for working with spaces. Nobody can do it without passion and dedication.

Here at TNT Design and Build, we have a dedicated and diligent team of professionals who work tirelessly and most efficiently to make sure you are happy with the end result. Our professionalism and love for what we do is what sets us apart from the others in the business since we don’t think of this just as a job. We know and realize what a home means and how a river of emotions are attached to every room, every space, every corner. Changing a living space without altering the energy and vibes of the place is an art, since the place envelopes within it such an overwhelming amount of warmth and love.

Complete Remodeling Poway

Our team of professionals based in Poway, California, work in the most professional way, but think in the most emotional way to bring you your new spaces that will be as inviting and cushy as your old ones. We are a living example of old wine in a new bottle because that’s what we try and deliver. Staying true to our promise is what we do best. This process involves so many small steps and none of them can be ignored. Designing is the first step, where we need to put on paper what you will see in reality. For that our team tries to get your preferences really well. We want to give you something that you’ve seen nowhere else, a place you can truly call your own and which is unique to you. For this, our designers leave no stone unturned to know your style and how do you see the space like in your head, since that matters to us a lot. We don’t just want to deliver something we feel is right, but what your heart approves of. Our team would show you a 3D model of the remodeled home before starting so you would get an idea of how it would look. We obey deadlines. We can renovate your bathroom in 15 days and kitchen in 28 days.

Remodeling Contractor Poway

A place which just looks pretty and adds nothing to the value of a place or is difficult to use is not very practical to have. We keep this in mind and try and make a set up not just visually appealing but functional as well. For that as well, we ask the customers if they have something specific in mind and encourage them to be open about it. Home Remodeling Poway

While all this happens on papers and imagination, construction is the actual test of the whole thing. We always try and deliver to our customers something that is beyond their expectation, because we value the smiles on their faces when they see their dreams come to life. This is what matters to us and our intentions always make us move in this direction since we love what we do. We love being engaged and totally engrossed in our work and we try and make the whole process a treat for you as well, keeping you involved and valuing your opinions. Home Remodeling Poway

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"We are so thankful for Tamari who has recently completed our extensive remodel; which included: 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, new flooring/baseboards and molding, paint (int & etc)."
"Simply put, we love Tamari and his team. Unfortunately for him, I am a micromanager and am the first to admit, I'm hard to please. This was our first big home project, and not only was I very excited, we were also stressed for time and financials. Those quickly eased, however, due to the skilled and polite workers and Tamari’s management. "
"My wife and I are hard to please, but when we find good people and good business practice, we find it nice to share. The entire experience with TNT was painless; Tamari kept us in constant communication and the finished product was worth the price. I know we will enjoy our home for many years to come."

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