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Home Remodeling Escondido, CA

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We understand that your home is quite a valuable asset and remodeling your home can add a great value to it. We can remodel just the way you had always imagined your dream home to be whether its addition of a room or any specific remodeling, we put ourselves ready for any task you demand to recreate your home. With the busy and hectic schedule, you all go through, we understand and provide exceptional customer service. We let you raise the value of your home and create a space that your family would love to spend time. Home Remodeling Escondido.


Home Remodeling in Escondido, CA

With us serving Escondido for over 20 years and have been insured with over 25 years of experience, we do look forward to being your general contractor in home construction projects. To be more precise, TNT Design and Build is the most trusted construction company in Escondido. What sets our work apart from other contractors is our immense dedication to satisfying our customer’s needs. If you aren’t happy, our contractors aren’t finished yet and we take your home as our home and investigate it quite seriously.

Escondido Home Remodeling

With TNT Design and Build we look forward to prioritizing the customer service and satisfaction that they desire when they come forward to us. We make sure to let our customers have a walk through and step by step procedure of our work. Home Remodeling Escondido. We feel that acting as a guide to them will let them choose their ideas easier with professional support. With no-cost house estimation, we make sure we express our suggestions and ideas before you want to proceed further.

Certain times, after the work has been done by the contractors, customers won’t be satisfied as they must have not been given a brief visual of their home before the start of the project. But at TNT Design and Build, we expect our customers to be happy. For the delightedness of our customer, we project a 3D computerized plan of your home that allows you to see how your home would look after the remodel before we start our work. We let you change your design and our model the way you want so that you can get a brief visual of how it would look. This is our way to satisfy our customers to the most. Home Remodeling Escondido

Remodeling Contractor Escondido

Why should you choose TNT Design and Build for your Escondido remodeling? Well, we get all the necessary permits for our project. With customers looking forward to discounts, we do let you use our general contractor’s discount on all of your projects. Going through our testimonies will let you know our customers’ feedbacks. Our number one aim is to make our customers happy no matter what it might be. Even a little fault in our side that lets you down doesn’t make us leave until we fix it to make you happy. We dedicate ourselves in the work assigned to us and aim to complete the project within less amount of time. You can settle in your newly remodeled home in no time with TNT Design and Build. Although we do specify in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we do expertise ourselves in other services.

Complete Remodeling Escondido

We spend out our time designing and planning your home like it was one of ours and implement a brief blueprint of our project to visualize it to our customers. We provide services like room additions if you feel your home is short of space, windows, and doors for great ventilation, patio covers and sunrooms, home remodeling, driveways, paintwork, flooring, and other major home repairs. You choose what you need, we do it for you. We come and examine your home free of cost and suggest you into what could be done to your home. We can convert your tub into a shower in less than 20 days. Also, we remodel your kitchen into a luxurious spotless one in just less than 21 days!

We at TNT Design and Build use the latest materials and modern amenities in designing your home. We aim to be luxurious and eco-friendly at the same time. Contact us today to step closer in achieving your fantasy house.

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TNT Design and Build is a family-owned construction company, with 20+ years of experience in remodeling and building.
Our priority is honesty and dependability.
"We are so thankful for Tamari who has recently completed our extensive remodel; which included: 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, new flooring/baseboards and molding, paint (int & etc)."
"Simply put, we love Tamari and his team. Unfortunately for him, I am a micromanager and am the first to admit, I'm hard to please. This was our first big home project, and not only was I very excited, we were also stressed for time and financials. Those quickly eased, however, due to the skilled and polite workers and Tamari’s management. "
"My wife and I are hard to please, but when we find good people and good business practice, we find it nice to share. The entire experience with TNT was painless; Tamari kept us in constant communication and the finished product was worth the price. I know we will enjoy our home for many years to come."

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Realizing today how hard it is to find honest and skilled contractors to stand behind timelines and quality, our main goal is to understand each and every customer’s needs and to make them happy at the end of the project. Today we help homeowners with the difference with horrible past experiences to wonderful project process with impeccable results. We guarantee open communication, efficiency, ….