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Home Remodeling Encinitas, CA

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Irrespective of the modeling requirements you may have, we are here to serve you by creating spaces for living which you shall love for a long time to come. Home Remodeling Encinitas. We have continuously been in the business of serving the areas of Encinitas, CA for the last twenty years and continue to look forward as being the general contractor that you will select to be partner within transformation of your living place from what it looks like today, into something that will be a lot more elegant, functional, charming, fabulous, breathtaking and functional, and something that will definitely suit your preferences of aesthetics and lifestyle.

Home Remodeling in Encinitas, CA

We are not your regular run of the mill general contractors who may seem like they know what they are doing but have no clue. They will give you a very low quote and leave you with an awful job. What is more? They may not even be licensed or bonded so you have no protection when things go south with them. When you hire us, you can be sure of the quality of the work that will be delivered. We work with instead of working for you, so you are aware of exactly what to expect and we fine-tune the work and schedules based on your preferences. What separates us from the rest of the general contractors in Encinitas, CA is that we are committed to providing you the best superior customer service, our level of detailed and thorough planning and a design process that is second to none. We also guarantee you a precise construction process for the execution. Simply stated, TNT Design and Build happens to be one of the best construction companies in Home Remodeling Encinitas.

Encinitas Home Remodeling

Here with TNT Design and Build, the first priority for us happens to be customer service.  We are in love with what our job is and we would like to ensure that you find the entire process, beginning with our first appointment till the finishing of your renovation project, very enjoyable. We do offer consultation appointments for the same day.  We stand behind all the work we do, and we are not done until you have been made happy with your project of remodeling.  We are in a position to finish a complete standard bathroom renovation in twenty days or sometimes even less. We can do a standard kitchen remodeling in twenty-eight days or even lesser than that.

Complete Remodeling Encinitas

With regards to our design and planning process, what is worth mentioning for our work-related ethics is that our design engineers take their time to find out exactly what you are looking for, your preferences regarding aesthetics, your own personal style, and the kind of lifestyle you are into. This allows us to get to such a design that is yours uniquely. We want you to end up with a space that of course does look amazing, but it also does function very well in your day to day life. Apart from this, we also offer free estimates and consultations for the design of any project in the familiar zone of your own home. We also have the capability to provide you with a three-dimensional computerized plan for your latest design before we even begin the real work.

Remodeling Contractor Encinitas

Construction is the when the vision of your expected home and our talent is converted into a physical reality. We are always dedicated to constructing a place that not only meets but exceeds anything that you would have in your imaginations. We keep working till you become completely happy. No home remodeling project happens to be too small or big with us; we get down to doing it all. Also, we only make use of environment-friendly, and high-quality raw materials, while also keeping a close eye on your budget. One more thing to keep in mind is that we will never leave a pile of mess, instead, we always leave your newly modeled space in a sparkling clean state so that you get to enjoy it the moment we leave.

TNT Design and Build is into serving all of the Encinitas area. Contact us today and initiate the process of building your dream space today.

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TNT Design and Build is a family-owned construction company, with 20+ years of experience in remodeling and building.
Our priority is honesty and dependability.
"We are so thankful for Tamari who has recently completed our extensive remodel; which included: 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, new flooring/baseboards and molding, paint (int & etc)."
"Simply put, we love Tamari and his team. Unfortunately for him, I am a micromanager and am the first to admit, I'm hard to please. This was our first big home project, and not only was I very excited, we were also stressed for time and financials. Those quickly eased, however, due to the skilled and polite workers and Tamari’s management. "
"My wife and I are hard to please, but when we find good people and good business practice, we find it nice to share. The entire experience with TNT was painless; Tamari kept us in constant communication and the finished product was worth the price. I know we will enjoy our home for many years to come."

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Realizing today how hard it is to find honest and skilled contractors to stand behind timelines and quality, our main goal is to understand each and every customer’s needs and to make them happy at the end of the project. Today we help homeowners with the difference with horrible past experiences to wonderful project process with impeccable results. We guarantee open communication, efficiency, ….